Mt Moffatt

2nd April – We woke to beautiful blue skies after a very quiet night. The road is now bitumen for 78 km’s from Injune before hitting dirt.

As with all roads, conditions can change, especially dirt roads. Mt Moffatt road is no different. Since we were last here the vegetation is thicker and taller with some growing on the road narrowing what was once a fairly wide road in many places. There are ruts, dips, damp area, gullies, water over the road, cattle, cattle grids, horses and of course wildlife.

Road-near-slab-hut Road-puddle

Approx. 126 km’s from Injune is Slab Hut a great place to stop for morning tea. There is nothing listing the history of the hut, age or who built it. There are also some old cattle yards.




We had Dargonelly Rock Hole campground to ourselves for a whole 5hrs. But it is a large grassy area so plenty of places. There is a new toilet block and several non-drinking water taps. We had several Butcherbirds try and have a taste of our bacon and eggs for lunch. We thought they were going to take it out of our hands they were so cheeky. A small group of kangaroos came and sunned themselves up the other end of the campground. There is quite a bit of water in the creek with several swimming holes. One would have had over 100 tiny little black frogs; they were piled up on top of each other in some areas. Some were half taddies and half frogs. Turns out our fellow campers were part of a group we saw at Robinson Gorge section of Exhibition National Park.

Dargonelly-Camping New-Loos


FrogsYou are supposed to book online for Mt Moffat but there is a sign pointing to the ranger’s station also saying camping permits.

We heard dingoes howling earlier.

20130402 Dargonelly