Mt Moffatt – Day 2

3rd April – We had pancakes for breakfast and a leisurely morning before doing the loop and driving to the information hut where you can still self-register. There are some information boards on the area. Some old cattle yards and the old station buildings which are now occupied by the ranger’s quarters and office. Lots of kangaroos were resting in the shade.


Cattle-yards-at-rangers-hut Road-near-ranger-hut

We drove in and checked out West Branch Camping Area. Over twice the size of Dargonelly, more trees, more of a bushy setting. Quite a nice spot. This is also one of the camping areas on route for the Carnarvon Great Walk. There is a swinging bridge that leads back onto the walk, it was very swingy.

West-BranchGreat-Walk Walk-Bridge

We then stopped in a Lot’s Wife, a very tall pillar of sandstone which is the last remnant of a bluff that once extended across the area. It is only a very short walk from the road.


Next stop was Kookaburra Cave, 850m easy walk from the road, there are a few stairs near the end that led up to a platform to view the small number of Aboriginal rock art.

Kookaburra-Cave-Art Kookaburra-Cave-Boardwalk

Then it was back for lunch. All the sites in Mt Moffatt have to be driven to. A trip around the park can easily add up to over 100 km’s so make sure you have plenty of fuel.

We had a relaxing arvo around camp, enjoying the tranquillity, listening to the birds singing, the rustle of the leaves in the breeze and at times the complete utter silence. Watching the white puffy clouds forming then dissipating before our eyes. The only annoying aspects are the buzzing mossies. There are quite a few of them due to the water in the creek which is mostly stagnant.


For arvo tea I cooked fruit scones in the baby Webber which we ate as we watched the newly arrived camper’s setup camp.

We finished off the day with lamb roast which we ate around the campfire, a most enjoyable relaxing day.


Nights are a bit cooler here its winter PJ’s for bed.

20130403 Mt Moffatt Circuit