Maranoa District

6/8/14 – Chris had to change a slow leaking tyre this morning, the same tyre that came off the ute on the Tanami, which seems so long ago now. The tyre has done well really, considering everything it has been through, it is hopefully repairable.
Augethalla-CampingWe have passed through Mitchell so many times and have never been to the Artisan Hot Pools in town, we had intended to in 2012 but the complex has been flooded in the big flood and was under repair. Since hot pools seem to be the flavour of the month we decided we were going to go there this time. It will be a once off though, cost us $8 each, $6.50 for pensioners, after Blackall it seemed rather steep. The fee was for an all day pass but even if you were staying in town I don’t Know how many would come and go, it’s not like Blackall where you could hang out at the pools for hrs.

Mitchell-Hot-PoolsThe hot pool was 39.1 degrees like stepping into a bath that is too hot. There are notices up and you are told to limit your time in the hot pool for 15 – 20mins at a time. There is a cold pool at 21 degrees that those that are game can hop into to cool down, Chris did. We were told by one couple who had been dropping into the hot pools on their travels for several years that they had seen two people on separate occasions be taken away in an ambulance, so take heed to the warning of not staying in too long. We personally did find it too hot. You are also encourage to drink lots of water.

Mitchell-Hot-Pools-1 Mitchell-Hot-Pools-2 Mitchell-Hot-Pools-3Roma is another town we just pass through, so we stopped and did a walk up the Main Street and called into the Big Rig. After we had a cuppa and afternoon tea we moved on to find our night spot. Judd’s Lagoon was full so we went a few kms down the road to a gravel pit, our last night on the road.