Lark Quarry

Lark Quarry was really interesting and very impressive. The tour starts off with a series of short videos and talk by one of the tour guides telling you about the history of Lark Quarry, how the first footprint was discovered and the events that led on from there over many years before the actual stampede area was discovered.

It was then mostly a case of lots of muscle to help chip away and move the rock that was on top of the footprints. The army cadets, volunteers from the Qld University, Winton and anyone else who was willing to help. One of the men that did was a 70 year old called Malcolm Lark.

The army cadets challenged Malcolm to a challenge as to who could move the most rock. Malcolm single handily moved the most rock out of anyone there. Cut a long story short he was thanked by the lead scientist by naming the find Lark Quarry.

A building was built over the dinosaur’s footprints to preserve the prints this building stood for around 20yrs before the current building was built.

Lark Quarry is the only place in the world that has such a record of a dinosaur stampede. It was fascinating to see footprints of animals in this case dinosaurs that left their imprint on the world over 95 million years ago.

We are kind of making our plans as we go, we needed fuel so started heading to Winton. We stopped for the night about 100 kms away in a spot well hidden from the road with lots of wood to have a fire.