Kakadu – Day 2

Sun 12th –  Thankfully our very close neighbours were very quite during the night. And left fairly early, they actually seemed like nice people they just don’t realize you don’t camp that close to people.

We had a nice leisurely morning before heading off to the next part of Kakadu to explore. We past a van that had rolled not far from our campsite, must have been driving to fast. We have 2 shackles gone missing used to hook the trailer chains up. Chris thinks they were very unlikely to come undone and that maybe at the day area yesterday someone needed some. Luckily Chris had some spares, pays to carry spars of things and always make sure things are secured as possible.

We stopped at Bukbukluk lookout for morning tea, we thought the view was rather ordinary. A few km’s up the road we saw a group of wild donkeys.


They build their ant hills big around here. Chris stood on the roof of the ute, on top of a spare tyre and he was still no where near the top.


They are solid, feel like rock and are different colours depending of what colour the dirt is that is used. One had a granny flat.


We had lunch at Yellow River while we were waiting to do the 1 1/2 hr cruise. $68 A, well worth it, one of the best cruises of that type we have done. Lost count of how many crocs we saw, heaps of bird life and the tour operators were very knowledgeable about the area, birds, flora and the river system.

Brush-my-teethGreen-EyesOld-blue-eyesWaiting-and-watchingYellow-River-Wetlands Yellow-River-Wetlands-1

There was so much to take photos of, at times things in front and on each side, which way to point. The guide would bring the boat up real close to birds and crocs. Sometimes the crocs continued to lay there, others would dart off real quick and slither back into the water. At times it seemed the birds would put on a display just for us. Highly recommend this trip, this is what Kakadu is all about.

Azure-KingfisherDarter DuckiesSea-EagleThe-Jesus-Bird

We drove a few km’s up the road and stopped at Jim Jim Billabong campground for the night, $5 pp. Large area, lots of trees, rather dusty, next to the creek with signs saying there are crocs in the water. All up a lovely day.