Heading towards Lawn Hill

28/7/14 – We are back to dewy morning and the days are a bit humid. A big travel day today along mostly dirt road, makes it a long day. We had to call into Borroloola to fill up with fuel, $1.85l.
Billengarrah-turnoffAs nice as it is to visit other states it’s always nice to be back in your home state which for us is Queensland 🙂 we stopped at Hells Gate for afternoon tea, fuel was $2.03l.
Hellsgate Hellsgate-Roadhouse
We headed in the back way into Lawn Hill known as the alternate Savannah Way and pulled off the road for the night in a big paddock about 40 kms along the road.
Pelicans_4162Camping-spot-on-the-way-to-Lawn-HillLawn Hill National Park
29/7/14 – We were at our camping spot at the national park just after 10am. Since we were staying here 3 nights we decided to put up both awnings and the floor mat. Think it was better without the floor mat as it kept getting grass on it. Caught up on some washing and cleaned off some dust.
Creek-Crossing Walking-the-Creek-CrossingNo-9In the arvo we had a swim and nice cool down and relaxed for the rest of the arvo.