Western Lost City

27/7/14 – What a wonderful peaceful night, we had the whole place to ourselves, was wonderful.

Bee-eaterThe road from Roper Bar to Cape Crawford is a wide dirt road with some really great bits, in other areas it was rough, rutted, corrugated, bull dust, dips, rocky and has a few creek crossings. We also had some emus traveling along the road.

ViewGiants, fossils, ancient seabed, tall pillars, all part of the Western Lost City of Limmen National Park. We stopped at the Nathan River Ranger Station to pick up the key to unlock the gate to gain access onto the 28km 4wd track to the ancient seabed. We had to leave the trailer at the ranger station.

Western-Lost-City-16The track is rough, narrow, sandy, rocky, ruts, creek crossings and dried out mud flats with cracks that make corrugations seem smooth, it took us just over 1hr to do the 28kms. As we were driving we were hoping it was worth it and it was.
Arch Western-Lost-City Arch-and-Kate Western-Lost-City Western-Lost-City-1 Western-Lost-City-2

Western-Lost-City-3 Western-Lost-City-4 Western-Lost-City-5 Western-Lost-City-6 Western-Lost-City-7

Wow its places like this that make us thankful we live in such an awesome country and how privileged we are that we can visit amazing places like this. The road/track goes right alongside the sandstone pillars of varying colours from golden yellow, orange through to red. The pillars are linear formations, you drive among them not so much walking around. We have seen a couple of lost cities and so for this is the best.
Lost-CityWestern-Lost-City-8 Western-Lost-City-9 Western-Lost-City-10 Western-Lost-City-11 Western-Lost-City-12 Western-Lost-City-13 Western-Lost-City-14 Western-Lost-City-15We ran out of time to stop at the Southern Lost City, next time maybe. We stopped for the night at a rest area not far from the Billengarrah turnoff, which is only a few kms where we will turn off to Borroloola.