Day 32 – 2nd May

Another peaceful night, the plan today was to head up to Forbes and maybe spend a couple of nights there. Well Murphy had a few other ideas, we had packed up and Chris started the Jackaroo on petrol to make sure all was still ok, only to find fuel pouring out under the Jack. So back under Chris went, he figured a fuel lead had come off somewhere, he checked all the ones he could get too. The only one he couldn’t check was the one attached to the fuel filter which is on top of the tank which the mechanics had replaced; it seems they didn’t attach the filter properly, grrrrrrrrrr. Since the Jack starts up on petrol it was pouring out fuel every time, potentially a dangerous problem. Chris pulled out the fuel pump replay to stop the fuel pump from working so we didn’t have fuel pouring out. So this means we are back to gas only, out come the maps as we plot our route over to the coast road. The reason we are taking the coast road rather than the inland route is there are more towns on the coast road and gas is more readily available so we won’t be stuck in between towns. As it is we will have to count km’s.


We headed towards Albury, then up the Hume Hwy stopping just short of Goulburn, a big day since we didn’t get away that early. We have stopped at a rest area about 4kms out of Goulburn; it is a rest area for all vehicles including trucks. We ended up staying up a bit late watching DVD’s as the trucks kept coming in and we figured we wouldn’t get to sleep anyway.