Day 31 – 1st May

It was a cool night and as it turns out we are in a beaut spot, it seems we have managed to stumble onto one of the prime spots. We are on the bend in the river it is lovely and quiet and there are a few other caravanners. We are right on a beach area that slopes down to the Murray giving us uninterrupted views, very tranquil and peaceful. 2 dogs have just been playing in the water, lovely reflections are on the water there are lovely clear blue skies and most importantly no wind. We will chill out and unwind here for a least a day.


Apex-Beach-2 Apex-Beach-1

After lunch we had a walk around, and then went for a paddle in the Kayak first time this trip. Was nice and relaxing cruising up the Murray, trying to get close to some birds, paddled under the rail and road bridges before turning around and coming back to base. We then got a camp fire going, sat around watching the flames for a while before we baked up some yummy muffins, sitting by the fire while they cooked.



Had tea by the warmth of the fire under the stars before retiring for the night has been nice to unwind today.It is nice and relaxing sitting under the awning in the sun drinking a hot cuppa and eating a yummy muffin watching the Murray flow past.