Day 30 – 30th April

We slept in a bit due to our big day yesterday so it was a bit of a rush to get out of the park on time. We have decided we had enough of this bad weather, wind, rain and cold. We couldn’t get out and do much in this weather. We decided to end the coast part of the trip here and head towards home, inland to hopefully a bit better weather and make a few stops on the way when we felt like it. As it was it was raining this morning and we had to pack up in the rain.

We left the park and went down to the Warrnambool Port to have a look they have built a break wall to protect the harbour area from the pounding seas. We did see wave’s crash over this several times, the sea was rough but not as rough as a few days before.

We didn’t end up leaving Warrnambool until about 11.30am, we had just planned to go as far as we felt like it and hopefully find a nice free rest area to stop. We made good time until we got to Melbourne and went on the Melbourne Ring Road. That was not so quick and we lost quite a bit of time there. You have to get a long way out of Melbourne before you can find a place to stop if any. Most were just truck parking areas, so we kept pushing on. We ended up stopping about 7pm at Tocumwal on a free camp area called Apex Beach on the Murray River right near the NSW and Vic border. We got lost at first and went to the wrong area; we eventually found it and a spot not quite sure what our camp area looked like or even if we were in a good spot as it was so dark.