Day 29 – 29th April

We had to take the Jackaroo down by 9.30am, we then wandered down the street and looked at the shops. About an hour or so later we had a call from the Mechanic saying it was the fuel pump, fuel was getting through but there was no pressure. It wasn’t as expensive as we thought it was going to be so Chris told him to go ahead, he ordered the part from Repco and of course he had to drain the fuel tank. He found the fuel filter on top of the tank so while that was out replaced that. A few hours later we had another call from him saying it wasn’t the fuel pump but the fuel pipe that was in the tank was cracked, so as soon as any pressure was put on it the fuel went back into the tank. No wonder Chris couldn’t find the problem it was a tricky one for the mechanic. So the pipe had to get sent off to get repaired.


We had our lunch and then walked down to Flagstaff Hill.We looked and walked around there for many hours. Flagstaff Hill is a replica Maritime Village built around the original Lady Bay Lighthouse Complex. The Lady Bay Lighthouses have been guiding ships through the dangerous lady Bay Harbour since 1859. The Warrnambool Garrison Fortifications we added in the late 1880,s to protect the busy port from possible Russian invasion. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is a typical village of the late 1800’s. They are many old buildings, artefacts and exhibitions. Flagstaff Hill contains the most complete collection of the Great Ocean Road maritime heritage, including the Loch Arch Peacock that washed ashore in its crate after the Loch Ard shipwrecked at Lock Ard Gorge.

Flagstaff-Hill-9 Flagstaff-Hill-8 Flagstaff-Hill-7 Flagstaff-Hill-6

The Peacock was aboard the Loch Ard as it was heading for an exhibition in Melbourne. It stands 1.5m tall and the only damage was a chip on the end of its beak. It was very interesting to wander around the village; they have done a wonderful job. It cost $16.50 for adults this gets you a 2 day pass, the night show called Shipwreck is $26 a combine ticket is $37.20.

Flagstaff-Hill-5 Flagstaff-Hill-4

After walking around there until our feet hurt we made our way back to town and to a nice hot cuppa, it was about 4.30pm when we got the call the Jackaroo was ready, he only charged us $225 so we were very pleased and very relived the Jack was back to working properly. We went back to the van fully worn out had another cuppa and tea put our feet up for a while, while we did the washing before heading back out for 7pm to the Shipwreck show.

Flagstaff-Hill-2 Flagstaff-Hill-10

Shipwreck is a night time show where you get to relive Australia’s most dramatic shipwreck. We are guided down to the Theatre along the cobbled path holding lanterns.  We are sent back in time to the first day in winter in 1878 the Melbourne bound clipper the Loch Ard has run aground on a small island near the present day Loch Ard Gorge. The ship is destroyed and 52 lives were lost only 2 survived 2, 18 year olds, crew member Tom Pearce and passenger Eva Carmichael.


The Presentation takes places against the backdrop of the Flagstaff Hill village. As we take our seats in the Wharf Theatre and watch as the walls slides away to reveal the village’s quiet port, Chimneys belch smoke, lamps glow in windows and the Steam Packet Inn is filled with merry drinkers. Before long however a storm is brewing, rain sweeps the scene, thunder and lightning rage and the air fills with the smell of the sea.

Flagstaff-Hill-3Without warning an enormous semicircular screen of water rises from the harbour and images appear before us. Suddenly we are on the Loch Ard on that grim night, our seats starts to move in time with with the action as the pounding seas claims the stricken vessel’s passengers and crew. We watch as Tom as comes to the surface and swims to the shore, then Eva comes to the surface and calls for help. Tom bravely faces the sea and swims back and rescues Eva.

The next morning Tom scaled a sheer cliff face to find help; they were rescued by a nearby homestead. Tom went on to become a Captain, was married and had 2 children. Eva Carmichael went back to Ireland 3 months after the shipwrecked where she married, the two never meant again. The whole experience was good and well worth doing.