N – Burke and Wills Campground

Burke and Wills Campground – T, B, OR, F, M, D, DW. 18 km NE of Menindee. Turn onto Main Weir Road 8 km N of Menindee. We loved this whole Menindee area, it gets very busy on holidays. Very large area, dusty, trees, next to an arm of the darling River. Has plenty of … Continue reading N – Burke and Wills Campground

Day 7 -14th April

We were up at 6am again for a sunrise but we found it hard to find a good spot with reflections of the dead looking trees over Lake Wetherill, we will keep our eyes open for a more suitable spot. I did get one quick shot before the sunrise went as did Chris. After brekkie … Continue reading Day 7 -14th April

Day 8 – 15th April

We had a bit of a sleep in and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading down to Lake Wetherill for a paddle. It was really fun, relaxing and interesting paddling amongst all the dead gnarly trees. The trees are quite fascinating up close. There were heaps of little birds, Kites, galahs living in the trees, … Continue reading Day 8 – 15th April

Day 10 – 17th April

Our night spot was very quiet, no cars went by at all, we were up at 5.45am and it was freezing. I grabbed my jacket, beanie and gloves as I knew up at the sculptures it would be colder and I was right. We have notice down here people are a bit slow in getting … Continue reading Day 10 – 17th April