Birdsville Track to Maree

Thursday – 12th. We had some light rain overnight it seems the track had a tad more as its a bit sloppy and we are getting mud thrown up all over us 🙂 can’t to the Birdsville track and not get a bit of mud on you. We headed off a bit  late this morning as the gas regulator was having some issues and needed some adjusting.


Every car we see is loaded with gear on the top, but some are a little extreme, especially for an L plater.

M.V.Tom-Brennon M.V.Tom-Brennan

The road is very busy this morning. A big tag along group is ahead of us which is kind of handy as the guide is telling people things over the CB, so we get the info too including info on the road ahead.


The road is certainly wetter than yesterday, with water across the road in a few places. We had some entertainment for a while watching people in front of us in a Jayco Outback doing a bit of slip and slide. It’s a beautiful sunny day, no clouds in sight. Things change very quickly out here.


Clayton’s campground is a beaut spot to stop, loos, showers, hot tub all for $10 a car per night. There is even instructions on how to fill the hot tub and use it. 53kms north of Maree.


Wow the amazing things you see in the middle of nowhere. Lake Harry aqua blue water complete with black swans. The road comes very close to the lake so it was a good spot with everyone else to get out and have a look.


A bit further up the road is Lake Harry Date Plantation ruins. The stone it was made from had some beautiful colours and  patterns.


Woohoo we completed the Birdsville Track, awesome was great fun. We had lunch in Maree and spent a bit of time checking out the old Ghana trains. And other old relics like the Tom Kruse mail truck. Kruse used to do the mail run up the Birdsville track from 1936 for many years.

GhanInside-the-GhanMemorial-2 MemorialRoyal-Mail The-Old-Ghan