The Bend, Coen

2/8/13 – It was a peaceful but warm night, we had all the windows on the trailer open so woke with the birds.

Plan today is to drop into Moreton Telegraph Station that we missed coming up and then head to The Bend back at Coen for the night. Hopefully get in there early arvo and have a swim in the creek and get a good spot 🙂

We had a quick morning tea at Bramwell Junction before moving on to Moreton Telegraph Station. As we came into the station someone stopped us to let us know our kitchen door was open. We travelled all the way up the OTT no problems get back onto corrugated roads and we suffer sudden lock death syndrome. The latching mechanism on the lock on the kitchen door had broken off and the door was swinging open. Red dust had gone through all of the kitchen and all through the pantry grrrrr. Chris was able to take a lock of the door at the other end of the kitchen that we don’t open very much and switch the lock out and then Mac Guyver the other door closed with duct tape. Big clean up coming up at the Bend. It could have been much worse, we could have lost the whole door.


After the repair we had a look through the display at the station. Several boards with information about the floods, birds, the Telegraph Line etc. worth stopping in for a look and walking on some green grass.

Moreton-Telegraph-Station Moreton-Telegraph-Station-1 Moreton-Telegraph-Station-2 Moreton-Telegraph-Station-displeay-boards

We arrived at The Bend just after 2pm, found a great spot overlooking the river and had a late lunch before setting up. After setting up, then came the big clean up of emptying everything out of the kitchen and pantry, wiping and literally hosing the dust off. Not a fun job that took many hours in the heat of the day. Eventually we were done and then had a quick dip to get the red dust off us. * Update –  Aussie Swag no longer use the same locks, they have changed over to another brand that look like they are stronger. We have replaced all 6 locks on the trailer with the new ones. Scott from Aussie Swag, looked after us and gave us a good deal 🙂

Dust Wash-Me

It was a clear night, lots of stars and also a cool night, coolest one we have had for a while.

Click on the link above for a larger version in Google Maps of the days travels.

New Roads

22/7/13 – We are now on roads we have not travelled before 🙂 we had a good night sleep, traffic was minimal during the night and despite being full everyone was quiet by 9.30pm.

We were on the road by 8.20am. The Peninsula Development Road (PDR) is sealed to Laura and a very good road, better than the HWY 1 up the coast.



Hann River Roadhouse and we had a Peacock come and say hello.



It’s worth a stop at the Palmer River Roadhouse; there is a small museum of fascinating memorabilia with a whole wall dedicated to the old gold town Maytown. Do have to watch out for unfenced cows close to the Palmer River Roadhouse.


James Earl Lookout is a good spot for morning tea, plenty of others thought the same. There is a toilet, bin can even get mobile phone reception with a view north across the valley seeing the road down we would travel on.


Blink and you would miss Laura, couple of stores and a camping ground. Memorial park across the road with steps leading to nowhere, not sure what the go is with them, also some toilets.


Thought we would add some steps to the trailer 🙂


The old goal held up to 18 people at one point, it’s not very big.


Start of the dirt on the PDR (Peninsula Development Road), Chris is letting the air down in the tyers. And we put tape or sticky dots on any locks.

The PDR hasn’t been too bad with corrugations, a few bad patches that took its toll on our CB aerial with it snapping, second time we have done this on corrugated roads. Have to upgrade to a much stronger aerial than this Dick Smith one, Chris had 3db aerial we could use. The road is very very dusty there  are some areas of tar, which we used to our advantage to pull off and have lunch and not have dust thrown up at us from passing traffic.


Musgrave Station Roadhouse was a hive of activity. Diesel was $1.89 L, Chris filled the main tank. There is also a camping area $10 per adult

Our-Bend-Campsite The-Bend

What an awesome spot, The Bend camping area 4km outside Coen,  very popular one too. The water is lovely we just had a paddle in the heat of the day we would be having a swim. Clear water, can see the bottom. There is even a beach other on the other side with some rapids, awesome.

Click on the link for a larger version in Google Maps of our travels.

Q – The Bend – Cape York Area

The Bend – T, B, F, D, OR, W, M. 3 km N of Coen. Awesome spot near the creek. Lots of birds, crystal clear water with a small stone beach. Popular spot, need to get in before 4pm. Could spend a few days there. There were a couple of small caravans there. We stayed here on the way down too, wished we had stayed an extra night. Rating – 5

The Bend Camping The-Bend The-Bend-Camp-area The-Bend-Camping The-Bend-Camping-2 Windy-Loo