Cooper Creek – The Legend

We have a little tradition that we like to leave after Chris finishes work and get a few hours under our belt. Makes us feel like we are really off on our next adventure. This time was no different with us stopping at our usual place when heading west Swinging Bridge at Cooyar. We had … Continue reading Cooper Creek – The Legend

Campsite keys and options

In the past we have listed what interest us, what needs we have, etc. As stated before we started this for our benefit but now we are finding many other travelers are also finding this information useful, which is great 🙂 We have had a number of people ask us to list whether a place allows … Continue reading Campsite keys and options

SA – 3 O’clock Creek

3 O'clock Creek – OR, $, DW, W. 13kms up the Mt Dare road from Dalhousie. From a camping point of view better than Dalhousie but of course it doesn't have the springs or toilets. But lots of tress and rocky ground so not as dusty but would be quieter and you can camp down … Continue reading SA – 3 O’clock Creek

SA – Dalhousie Springs Campground

Dalhousie Springs Campground – T, B, OR, $, S - cold. The campsite at Dalhousie Springs is a large very dusty area. There are different size bays suitable for single, a couple of campers or groups. Many of the sites have fire pits but you must bring your own wood in. There is a toilet … Continue reading SA – Dalhousie Springs Campground

SA – Cooper Creek

Cooper Creek, - T, F, OR, DW, D. 146 km NE of Maree, on the Birdsville Track. Can camp within 1km of the toilets. Drinking water tap, more open area under the trees near the toilets. Tracks lead further into the scrub where you can find an open area to camp here and there. Rating – … Continue reading SA – Cooper Creek

SA – Kings Site

Kings Site -  OR, F, W, D. Kings Site is one of the many campsites around Innamincka along the Cooper Creek. You need a Desert Parks Pass to visit and camp in the Innamincka Regional Reserve. This site was overlooking the Cooper Creek. There is a long access road with several tracks leading off that we … Continue reading SA – Kings Site