Mt Isa

The plan was to head into Mt Isa, fill up with fuel, water, have lunch and do some shopping. Well we and other travellers where surprised to find the main shops like Coles, Woolworths, Kmart etc where closed all day whereas places like Supercheap, Harvey Norman and a few other places were open, go figure. … Continue reading Mt Isa

Riversleigh Fossil Centre – Mt Isa

3/8/14 - We had been to the Riversleigh Fossil site near Lawn Hill on a previous trip in 2012, and to be honest it didn't mean or do a lot for us. However the Fossil Centre in at Mt Isa helped shine a light, more information and the significance of the Riversleigh site. It would … Continue reading Riversleigh Fossil Centre – Mt Isa

Mount Isa

2/08/14 - We had booked into do the Hard Times Mine Tour, we decided to go for the package tour 1 which included Riversleigh Fossil Centre and the Isa Experience & The Gallery, cost $59 each. Tickets for the Fossil Centre and Isa Experience last until 5pm the following day, so effectively 2 days. Our … Continue reading Mount Isa

South to Mt Isa

1/8/14 - Well it was time to leave this amazing place and head south down the Riversleigh Road towards Mt Isa. We stopped in at Adels Grove to top up the fuel tank $2.05l. Just before we hit the bitumen on the road from Riversleigh towards Camooweal we came across 3 guys who had just … Continue reading South to Mt Isa