On the home run

Wed 29th –  Only a few days left now, kind of sad, is been an epic trip. We are looking forward to our bed at home though and seeing the family again.

The drive through Mount Morgan is quite a pretty drive. A lot of older style buildings, the hotel was an impressive building as was the old railway.

The trailer has preformed really well, no complaints at all. Laps up the rough stuff. Putting the Stone Stomper on was a smart move, not only has it stopped the rocks from hitting the trailer and the back of the ute, it also stopped a lot of the dust getting on the front of the trailer. It does have a couple of holes where it’s rubbed through on different parts of the trailer, from flapping in the wind. Under the corners of the front rack where the gas bottles and Jerry cans sit. And one under the second jockey wheel clamp. Believe we can get some patches from the mob at Stone Stomper. It’s been worth having and we recommend it.

We went via Gladstone to Tannum Sands for lunch. We had never been to either. Gladstone felt like the big smoke after being outback for nearly 8 weeks. Very much an industrial town.


Tannum Sands has a beautiful park right along the beach. Lots of this green stuff called grass on the ground, lovely. Plenty of table and chairs, loos and a great set of play equipment for the kids. After lunch we took a stroll on the beach, really nice place and only a short detour off the hwy.



Thur 30th – We booked into the Bargara Beach Caravan Park last night to spend the last 2 nights here and just chill out and relax by the beach before the last leg home.

We went unpowered for $25 per night, with lovely green grass and heaps of beautiful Morton Bay Figs to camp under, can’t ask more than that. Powered are $32 a night off peak. The park is really nice, amenities are clean. Only complaint is their cleaning times. They allow 1 hr to clean each lot of toilets, starting from 7.30am going to 11.30am over the two blocks. This would have to be the busiest times for people using them and having showers before checkout.


We have walked around the foreshore, checked out Bargara and took a drive into Bundy after lunch. Called into the Ginger Beer Factory and got some really good deals on ginger beer to take home, will keep Chris and the boys happy for a while.

We finished our last night with Barra and chips from Bradlees Beachside Takeaway on the Esplanade and ate them overlooking the ocean. Was a bit breezy but still relaxing. Fish and chips were nice but not quite as nice as we had up at Karumba.

Home Tomorrow.