Lake Murphy Conservation Reserve

31st March – We woke to an overcast morning with everyone bar 2 groups packing up. We thought they must have known something we didn’t. We had already decided to move on, despite what everyone else was doing.

We went out an alternate route which would bring us back onto the Leichhardt Hwy 18 km’s north of Taroom. This route passes Lake Murphy Conservation Reserve where we have stopped for a night. Currently some light rain, well heavy rain now. 2 other campers turned up in the rain for the night. As it turned out we had quite a bit of rain.


This is a beaut camp area. Green grass recently mowed. 6 camping areas divided by log fences sites vary in size. Each site has a table, one has a fire pit, there is also a general fire area. Some long drop loos and a day area with a reasonable size undercover area with 4 more tables. Lots of Apostle Birds, Babblers and other birds.

Camping-Area-4 Day-Area-Hut

It is only a 300m walk to the lake from our site, which does not always have water in it. The path down to the lake is like it is moss covered a pretty walk. We got to what we assumed was the edge of the lake that was overgrown with vegetation and muddy path, we could go no further so didn’t see any water.

We had large moths trying to get into the camper and little frogs, we had 3 get into the camper must have been lots outside in the drizzle.

20130331 Expedition to Lake Murphy