Kata Tjuta – The Olgas

Friday 3rd – We had a sleep in and a slow morning getting ready after our big walk yesterday. The muscles are a bit sore but not as sore as I expected.

It’s about a 40min drive to Kata Tjuta from the resort. They are like big lumps of rock coming out of the ground very fascinating and massive.

Kata-Tjuta-7 Kata-Tjuta-8 Kata-Tjuta-9

We did the Valley of the Winds walk first it’s a 7.4 km circuit. It’s broken into 3 sections so people can do what they feel up to doing. The walk to the first lookout is considered moderate 2.2km return. Next stage to the 2nd lookout is considered difficult with steps and loose rocks it’s a bit of a steep climb, 5.4km return. The last leg is also listed as difficult with a steep decent down from the lookout. Steps, loose rocks and a steep climb back out. 7.4kms return. There was no wind, we would have liked some as it was hot in the sun.

Kata-Tjuta Kata-Tjuta-1 Kata-Tjuta-2 Kata-Tjuta-3

It’s was amazing walking amongst the big nobly rocks, some grouped, some on their own. Many had marks we’re water had run down, other’s with holes, like caves. And lots of patterns and so red against the blue sky. Was another amazing site of nature.

Kata-Tjuta-4 Kata-Tjuta-5 Kata-Tjuta-6 Patterns

We then did the Walpa Gorge walk, 2.6kms return and a moderate walk. Still over rocks, bit hilly but much easier. Goes right into the gorge area. Again some amazing rocks to look at. We both have sore feet.

Walpa-Gorge-Walk Walpa-Gorge-Walk-1 Walpa-Gorge-Walk-2

We popped down to the sunset viewing spot for Uluru and it was packed, wall to wall people and cars. Not very relaxing at all. The rock really lit up, like it was on fire. We thought a bit later was better. We plan to get there early tomorrow night before we head off out of this area.

On-Fire Sunset-at-Uluru