Day 3 – 10th April

We had a good night sleep and it was very quiet. Brewarrina is an Aboriginal town so to be honest we did have a few concerns about staying there but we did check the town out and it is a nice little town clean and tidy, they should be proud of their town. The local Aboriginal police man came and had a chat and was very friendly. I guess it doesn’t mean it would be good every time.


We were on the road by 7am. We stopped at Bourke for water and hopefully gas as they do sell it. We stopped at the only servo we could find and I ran in and asked them only to be told the Caltex doesn’t open on the weekends.

We got some rain on the way to Cobar, it is a much bigger town and we were able to get both fuels. We have seen heaps of emus on the drive, I also saw a Major Mitchell Cockatoo, and we saw a field of cockatoos and have seen heaps of goats, especially on the road from Cobar to Broken Hill. I thought they were feral at first but then there were so many and they look to be in good nick. Other travel folk think they are feral.

We had planned to stop near Wilcannia but all the rest stops were too close to the road and very open. The best one we saw was about 57kms East of Wilcannia. We kept checking out rest stops as we headed to Broken Hill and have stopped at one about 120kms out, along with a lot of other travellers. We did the walk around and had a chat to many of them.

The road from Cobar to Broken Hill is very straight, very few trees and vegetation. It doesn’t look like they use the land for anything apart from the goats and a few sheep.