Day 29 – 6th May

I’m writing this on the bank of the Murray sitting in front of a fire, nice, about 28km from Swan Hill.


We have slowly made our way towards Swan Hill checking out a few camp areas along the way. One we checked out near Boundary Bend was a bit difficult to get into 5km up a dirt road; Chris had to watch out for low branches, water and mud on the road. We decided we could do better so moved on. Another one we checked out was Nyah State Forest, Murray River Reserve. Coming in from Wood Wood side it was pretty good access, quite a few sites along several bends in the river, there were several people there. Not bad but we decided to look at the next stop in the book. This was Nyah Harness Club, where you can camp behind it beside the river, there were several tracks to take we took one that has just put us back into the Nyah State Forest, a really nice spot right on the edge of a bank looking down at the river. There are several campers in behind the Harness club where there is a tap for drinking water and a dump point.It was a cool night last night and this morning it was lovely to be able to start the Genie up in the morning to put the heater on. It was less than 5 degrees outside in the morning and not much warmer in the van.

We went for a walk earlier; you really need to have plenty of time to go for a walk around other campers as they all like to have a chat. We found out from one guy who seems to just move a few km’s from one spot to another, that the camp areas in the Nyah State Forest go for 10km along the river. We also saw his wife collecting fire wood on what looked like a walking frame and she wasn’t moving very fast. We found out from him that when they sold their house a few years ago the wife said we better do some touring while we are still young, she is 83, good on them.


We have just started a camp fire, first one this trip and no flies; a cool breeze is blowing though. There are quite a few possums out and they are having possum’s fights.