Day 17 – Sat 13th

Sadly our epic adventure is coming to an end, our last night, despite the sickness and getting bogged it has been a great trip. We have certainly had a few new experiences and visited some great locations, learnt a few more things along the way. We are all revved up and keen to get going on the next one.

After we left our night spot this morning we headed to Rocky and filled up with gas. We stopped at a local park that had a lagoon with lots of ducks and other water birds. We had a great time photographing them and could have stayed there all day


We have had a great afternoon chasing some kind of Kite up and down the river, lots of them. They all fly so high, but you get lots of time to get a lock as they circle down. Chris has some great shots with his new lens that he loves.We arrived at Calliope for lunch and wow was it packed all ready, start of the school holidays and we found out later a chapter of the CMCA had a weekend here. They had their general meeting this arvo and there was a crowd of them, heaps of motor homes.

Calliope-1 Calliope-5

We ended up having the people behind us come and join our fire, Tassie people, all very friendly and chatty didn’t leave until 9.30pm so it’s going to be a bit later tonight as we haven’t even viewed our pics, just had a quick shower. As it’s our last night we have a fire and I think there are bats in the tree above me. Yep

There is also some sort of celebration (maybe a wedding) going on at the Historical Village cross the river and the music is very loud, hope those ear plus work well tonight as they sound like they will be going a while.

Home tomorrow.