Day 1 – Thursday 28th August 2008

Chris and Kate’s Fabulous Adventure (as Chris calls it)

Day 1 – Thur 28th August 2008.

Well after all the months of preparation we were ready to head off on our trip. I (Kate) had come down with a bad head cold. Not the way one likes to start a trip, nether the less it was still nice to be under way. Our run up to Ravensbourne Rest Area was pretty good. It was black as the ace of spaces when we got there, so hard to even find a spot. One camper was already there on the only flat spot. Chris spied a really lovely big grass area, we were all set to head there when we realised it was a sports field. We decided we didn’t like the idea of little footballers waking us up at 6am so we looked around for another spot and found one not far from the other campers.