Cape York

19/7/13 – Chris was able to get home a bit earlier from work so we were on the road just after 5pm. We left in rain and had it on and off until past the Sunshine Coast turnoffs and travel was heavy until then as well. We also drove through a bit off fog later in the night.

We made it to Granite Creek rest area for the night 401 km from home, in bed by 10.30pm, all up a pretty good run.

20/7/13 – What a noisy night, lots of traffic noise, the rest area is near a bridge so we could here thump thump as car and trucks went over the bridge, we did manage to get some sleep though.

Up at 5.45am and pulling out just before 6am. It was foggy and wet so we put the tarp on the bed to keep everything dry.

Always a bit of a worry when you see a sign saying roadworks for the next 200km and in the fog. Fortunately no one was working and we just had to slow to the speed limits. Breaky stop was at Mt Larcom.

We had a good run through to Guthalungra area 784 km from our start this morning, big day. We were only held up once for 10 mins at roadworks. The rest area in Guthalungra was packed and overflowing with vans. We had decided before we would go and check out Elliot River camping area. Turnoff is just before the bridge on the south side of Guthalungra. It’s is approx 8kms to the camp area down a dirt road, which is pretty good and a lovely drive. 5kms in there is a closed gate, with a donation box. 2-3 km down the road you come to a whole heap of fishing huts, we were surprised at how many there were. You drive past them, past the “Fish n Sip” we assume is the pub to the small camping area that was full.


With no room for us we drove back down the road a bit and found a lovely spot overlooking the river, with pelicans and fish jumping in the water, next to a lovely tree and all to ourselves 🙂 well with a few cows to keep us company, will be an early night tonight.

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