Birdsville Track

Wed 11th – Our night time spot was a beauty, awesome place to watch the sunset and a nice quiet night. A bit of a breeze came up during the night, keeping the canvas dry and making it a tad cool in the morning. Also blew away any clouds so clear blue skies Smile

181 km’s south of Birdsville or 134 km’s north of Mungerannie, there is Tippipila bush camp, that has toilets and plenty of places to stop for the night. There were several campers there when we drive past. It is listed in the Camps Australia Wide book 5 as having a fee, not sure where or why you need to pay, maybe for the loos.

We pulled off the road at Flaggy creek for morning tea. Be a great place to stop for the night. Trees and a pool of water. Wow we had a lovely treat, 2 Wedge Tailed Eagles flew in to check us out. We fired off a few shots, the sky has turned grey though so we will see but they are a majestic sight to see.

Mates Flaggy-Creek2 Flaggy-Creek

Mungerannie Hotel has fuel, camping, hot pools, toilets, showers, public phone and of course a hotel. It was too crowded for us so we went a bit further down to the Mulka store ruins road for lunch.

There is not much left of the 1924  Mulka store. The store sold supplies to the drovers up until the early 1950’s.

Mulka-Store-2 Mulka-Store

There is a grave for one of the young daughters of the original lease holders the Scobie family, an Edith Adeline Scobie died Dec 1892 age 14 yrs and 5 months.  A harsh reality in that time period.  They actually lost 2 children at that time to pneumonia.

Edith's-Grave Crooked-tree

20kms up the road we pulled in early for the night at Cooper Creek. There was one other person when we came in who was near the toilet area. You can camp within 1km of the toilets. There are some tracks leading further off the road. We took one of those tracks and found a nice little nook for us. Several other people have come up the same track and camped in various spots, non too close to us. There are also many other campers in the area closer to the toilets.

We have watched a bit of a lighten show again tonight. The man closest too us came and asked if we knew what the weather forecast was, he seemed a bit worried. So far the track has been pretty good. A few rough rutty areas, could see how a small amount of rain could really make it a mess.

Birdsville-track-conditions 20120711DesertCampCooperCk