Arltunga Historical Reserve

We came back to camp, had morning tea and packed our lunch to head off to Arltunga Historical Reserve for the day.

The Arltunga Historical Reserve is really interesting and played an important part in helping getting Alice Springs established, to find out why take a visit out there yourself,  110kms east of Alice.


First point of call is the visitor information centre which gives some history of the place, information boards, old machinery and a short film that is well worth watching explaining how Arltunga came about. You can also pick up several information leaflets describing some of the short drives and walks in the reserve.

Arltunga-Visitor-InformationBetter-Days Kitchen

There any many old ruins and mines.

Arltunga-Goal Arltunga-Govt-site-Managers-residence Arltunga-Police-Station Cornish-Boiler Toliet-Brush

A great mine is the MacDonnell Range Reef Mine, where you can climb down a ladder and have a look underground and see the conditions the miners worked in. Take a torch and expected get a bit dusty. A great day and well worth the trip.

Chris-feeling-cramped Kate-Underground


We finished the day with a campfire talk with the ranger.