Day 22 – 29th April

Our rest stop wasn’t that quite as it was close to the road and we had a truck pull in after 11pm. Also had some yoghurt on, the timer ticks so we put it in the washing machine, worked well.

We passed several more ruins on our way to Wentworth, petrol at Renmark was only 93.9 and we didn’t need any. We just got gas, Renmark seemed to be very green, well on the main street areas, we took a few of the back roads, and people front yards were void of grass. We had filled up with water a town back, so most things are now back on track.

We called in at Almond Co, at their Almond hut and got a few nuts and some Almond meal as it was very cheap.


We called in at the info centre at Wentworth; Chris simply asked the very chatty and passionate lady where Perry Sandhills were. Well that got her started (not quite sure how) on the Murray Basin and the Darling River, she was very passionate about the subject. She said people call her the mouth of the Darling; she was a character and a half. She obviously loves her town. She pointed out all the main attractions and the best vantage points to see where the Murray and Darling meet. We plan to check all that out tomorrow.


We went the 6km out of town to the Perry Sandhills, they are a lot bigger than we realised and cover an area of 400 acres. Climbing them gives the legs a workout. We took some shots as the sun was going down.

We are literally camped in the middle of the Sandhills, there is no access to one part as it is fenced off, we are camped close to that section with the public section on the other side of us, all tucked in behind some Sandhills. We plan to so some sunrise shots.

We switched doonas and put the winter one on and pulled out the winter PJ’s as they were forecasting it to get down to 4 degrees tonight, Brrrr. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder on the plane flight over Lake Eyre twisting around to look at things and the cold makes it freeze up.