We got up pretty smartly this morning to pop down to the markets at the Sunset Tavern, walking distance from the park. Even at that time it was warming up and we knew we were in for a hot day. There was only a handful of stalls and not the sort of things we were interested in.

We finished packing and hooked up and set off towards Normanton were Chris filled up with fuel once more and we headed off on the Savannah Way towards Croydon. We have not done this part of the Savannah Way so we were looking forward to being able to mark of the rest of the Savannah this trip.

On route we camp across Black Bull Siding. An interesting little spot where we believe the Gulflander stops for a break. Seemed like a good spot to have our morning tea also.

Croydon was a really nice surprise. It was hot though so we didn’t walk around and explore the area as much as we would have liked. The True Blue Information Centre is a must. Several old mining relics outside and a good display inside with lots of information boards sharing the history of the area. Also a very colourful friendly talkative local keen for a chat, wonderful character.

Across and down the road a short walk is the Historic Precinct a whole block of historic buildings to explore, all in excellent condition.

We also called into the Railway Station to see where the Gulflander ends it’s trip from Normanton, stops overnight and the next day returns to Normanton.

There was also a lovely park with a great set of swings for the kids, lots of trees and grass, outback towns can be green and very well presented, good on you Croydon.

We moved on from Croydon heading towards Georgetown pulling off onto a large gravel area for the night.