13/7/14 – We are stayed at the Palm Grove Caravan Park. Sites are a pretty good size. We were next to a walk way which means we got foot traffic day and night so that’s not so great. The weather has cleared up but still a bit cool.

Didn’t get much else done today, we did go to Roebuck Bay at Town Beach with everyone else at Broome for the staircase to the moon. It was packed, really packed. Parking was a mess with no one directing traffic. Chris dropped me off after that we lost each other for a while in the dark and neither of us got a photo. Chris ended up with a migraine so we headed back to camp.

14/7/14 – Ute is at the Holden Service Centre getting the back brake fixed so we are busing it into the town area and having a day around town, yeah shops 🙂

We caught the bus and stopped at one of the shopping centres before going into China Town. China Town isn’t full of Chinese shops as one would expect, the name is based on the pearling history of the place. Lots and lots of pearl shops selling expensive pearls, luckily pearls aren’t our thing. For us there was not a lot of shops of interest.

We rang about the Ute, they would call us back, no they didn’t. Chris called again to be told it wasn’t done, the parts hadn’t come in and they wanted to keep the ute until Wed. Ummm no and not happy Jan, they had a week to get the parts. Lousy service, so the ute will have to wait now until we get home.

We went to Cable Beach for sunset, realized we needed to be there earlier to get photos of the camels but we had fun doing what we did.

Cabel-Beach Lining-up-Cabel-Beach


Then straight to Roebuck Bay for the staircase to the moon. We got there 1 1/2hr before it and it was still packed. We set ourselves up in a good spot and was crowded in by the end. We took tea and chairs with us. Fun time just didn’t like the crowds, if you knew the area, we are sure you could find another spot away from the crowds.