Nogoa campground

Mon – 9/4/12

Some of the other campers were a bit noisy early on but did quieten down. We were in bed early and up around 7.30am so a big sleep. Was nice to have a cooler night again.

Yeah everyone has cleared out and we have the place to ourselves. Have had one day looker so far. We are doing a big bake up, have the gennie on baking bread in the bread-maker, also charging batteries and hot water. And are cooking some jam drops in the webber.

After lunch we went for a long soak in the river to cool down, was so lovely, could actually do with being a tad cooler. When we came back up a man with a couple of kids and a camping trailer was setting up.

We spent the rest of the arvo sitting in the shade having cuppas chatting and reading magazines. We had some Apostle Birds come and pay us a visit, there was a young one that kept on squeaking making lots of noise. A Kookaburra also kept flying down seeing if we had any crumbs.

While we had our tea of fish and chips cooking we packed up a few things, had a few spits of rain. We will probably watch a DVD tonight after a shower.