Katherine Hot Springs

19/7/14 – We have been looking forward to having a swim in the hot springs at Katherine again. We have the whole day in Katherine to enjoy them and do a bit of shopping.


Our camp spot from the night before.

We had several long soaks in the hot springs which aren’t really that hot more like lukewarm, few degrees warmer might be nice but certainly lots warmer than cold.

Katherine-Hot-Pools Katherine-Hot-Pools-1 Katherine-Hot-Pools-2 Katherine-Hot-Pools-3 Katherine-Hot-Pools-4 Katherine-Hot-Pools-5 Katherine-Hot-Pools-Top

Katherine was packed, the local show was on and I think everyone had come into town.

We headed north late arvo. We took the turnoff to Daly River planning to come in the bottom end of Litchfield National Park. We found a place to stop for the night 34 kms along the road.