Day 25 – 2nd May

It’s been a cold overcast day today, few spits of rain over night, forecast is fine for the next few days as we head to Mungo National Park.

Chris did a permanent fix on the gas pipe as he bought the right tool. Did a few odd jobs around here, then after lunch we went to Angus Park the dried fruit place. Quite a lot of different fruits and things we don’t see in the shops, like dried nectarine, peaches, pears, Raspberries, Mango. We bought a small bag of nectarine and mango, when we got in the car we had a try of each. Wow the mango was so nice, best dried fruit ever, and no preservative or additives, we went back later and got a 1kg bag.

We went out to Red Cliffs and saw the Red cliffs, would be great in the right lightening. We looked at Big Lizzie, a huge tractor thing that was responsible for a lot of the clearing of land for the Soldiers at Red Cliffs, it was massive.

Drove around Mildura a bit, it’s pretty easy to follow their streets the main ones are names like, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc all the way up the 15th, not very inventive but easy to follow. Then back home for tea.