Day 12 – Mon 8th

Big sleep in, NOT a kid next door was screaming his head off before 6.30am. Thank goodness they left today. A new lot filled there spot within minutes. An older couple in a 5th wheeler. People come and people go pretty quick around here.

Today is a rest day and bit of a clean up day, did a load of $5 washing, washed our runners and boots, down load pics etc.


The water here is terrible, so we haven’t put any into the tanks.

After lunch we will sit by the creek and see what birds come our way.

Great Egret Fishing

Our cameras with the L series lenses get a lot of looks and comments. We seem to be the resident experts on cameras. One of the other campers came and asked us a question about his camera today, him and his wife are avid bird watchers and we have passed then on the tracks around here several times, stopping for a quick chat.