Tues – 10/4/12

We had a windy pack up making it hard to keep the awning over the trailer roof as the wind kept blowing it back. We eventually got there and headed back down the bumpy narrow road. 30kms back out to Salvador Rosa Road. 24kms traveling on this road until we turned onto the Dawson Development Road. From there its 114kms to Springsure. The roads have corrugations, muddy washouts, sharp rocks, bull dust, loose rocks, dips, cattle grids, cattle and generally bumpy. So a bit of everything, never know what you are going to get on dirt roads as the conditions change all the time.

Damn these sucky Bridgestone Dueler AT Tyres, another flat, these are the Taiwan made ones. They have certainly been the weak point this trip. Coopers are sounding real good at the moment.

Even though we can use the trailer tyre if we get stuck its not exactly the same size. (something we were going to deal with in the change over of tyres down the track, so they all matched, fully interchangeable and also carry a 2nd spare for the ute) So we are going to reevaluate our situation at Springsure over lunch and decided where to from here, as we don’t think it’s wise to go on any more dirt roads with the few days we have left. With no real spare for the ute. Don’t really want to buy another second hand spare, rather put that money towards decent tyres.

We decided to go to Emerald, do a wee bit of shopping then head slowly towards the coast stopping at anything that interest us. First stop Bedford Weir, we were told about this place last time we were in this area. Supposed to be nice. Travelled 342kms