Uluru Base Walk

Sat 4th – It was a rough night last night with whiz bang doors slamming, people talking until late, music and then we were woken at 4.30am. So was the rest of the campground by some locals who were drunk making a lot of noise just walking around and around. Think security eventually walked them out. And for some unknown reason heaps of people decided to pack up before 7am and started bashing, doors slamming, cars starting.

We were out of the park just after 8.30am NT time. Straight down to the rock to get a park away from the cars as we had the trailer. Quick cuppa and make lunch ready for the big walk around the base.

First up we joined the Mala walk with the ranger, as did heaps of other people. The walk and talk was quite interesting, the whole thing was maybe a bit slow for us. A lot of standing still while he chatted and often in the sun. Takes up to 2 hrs to do the ranger walk up to Kantju Gorge.


Amazing-colours GorgeMens-BusinessRock-ArtWe then headed off on the base walk. More than half of it was in the hot sun, with very little shade. Some areas are marked as sensitive to the Aboriginal people so you aren’t allowed to take photos within those areas. They are clearly sign posted.

Base-Walk Base-Walk-1 Base-Walk-2 Cave.1

The walk is flat but seems longer than the 10.6km, especially with the detours along the way. Again there are many interesting holes, caves, honeycomb areas, lots of trees along the bottom and even some on the rock. The path moves away from the base of the rock in some areas. It’s interesting and well worth doing, start early.

Cave Honeycomb Kate-surfing-the-rock'One-big-rockUluru

Well that’s it we are stuffed, several days of big walks have taken there toll. Our feet hurt and we are pooped. Walk is a four letter word. Looking forward to a few days of rest. Ideally it would be good to spend a week in this area and do all the walks with some rest days in between. Been great though and fun.

Whoo hoo, that was better. There is a 3.5km no stopping zone on the road near Uluru, starts before the sunset designated area and ends just after it. After the crowds last night we thought we would stop just after the no stopping zone, just down from the sunset area. We had a great view point, no trees in our way and best of all we had the place to ourselves. We were able to have tea and then sit in peace and enjoy the sunset. Way to go.

Ayers-Rock Ayers-Rock-Sunset-2 Ayers-Rock-Sunset-3 Us-at-sunset

We drove the 30kms to Sandy Way Rest Area for the night. There were already a few campers in there.