The Great Escape

After being delayed in Brisbane for a few weeks we were getting itchy feet and going a bit stir crazy being isolated. We started planning “Our Great Escape” heading north, to warmer pastures. Our prisoner escape committee consisted of Chris, chief engineer and driver, Kate planner, organiser and cook and Jess the faithful companion chief navigator whose nose tends to lead us up the garden path.

Unlike the movie made in 1963 we didn’t have to dig tunnels, or hide from soldiers. But our great escape like the movie does have adventure and suspense as we work out our next plan forward.

Our first night on our escape route was Bauple, a place we have stayed several times just off the highway and nice a quiet.

Second night was at Granite Creek Rest Area. We worked out it was over 34 years ago when we first stayed here in an old Viscount Chris’s parents owned at the time. No toilet or shower and a hand pump at the sink. Our eldest son was 14 months old. We remember angling the van (for privacy) so we could hook up a pole onto the side of the van with a solar bag shower to have a quick rinse. Have to say it’s nice to now be able to shower inside the van with a few more mod cons and a 12v pump 😁

In those days not many were doing the travelling we see today. We have stopped here several more times since. It’s ok for a one night stop.

We haven’t had motorbike chases or check points but we have had loads and loads of road works and a rough Bruce Hwy with damage from the rain with lots of pot holes trying to foil our escape plan.

But we made it to Calliope where we finally got some sun and was warm enough to actually eat tea outside first time in months. Our Great Escape was coming together, unfortunately others have had the same escape plan 🥴 with Calliope fuller than we have ever seen it.

Fortunately we did end up with a pretty good spot and not crowed out.