The Dig Tree

Tues –  3/4/12

Driving on the way out to the dig tree we saw literally hundreds of kites. Kite convention. The road to Arrabury literally only just opened, lucky for us. Once we crossed into QLD we found ourselves on the tar, have to say it was very pleasant after the rough roads we had been on. Its only to the dig tree turn off but it was nice while it lasted. The vegetation also changed, flat no tress but lots of green grass. Absolutely nothing out here.

There was a fairly deep creek crossing to cross, road is rough in places. There is a $11 management fee per car to the dig tree which we didn’t know about but is fair enough to keep the history of the place. The old chap collecting the money said they get a lot of people through here, 7000 last year. You can also camp here for as long as you like, rubbish bins are provided.

It is a lovely spot next to the Cooper, under the shade of the trees. Much better area to camp than along the creek at Innamincka. We have decided to camp here the night, maybe have a paddle down in the Kayak. We just went for a dip. Lovely to cool the core body temp down, very slimy and muddy on the bottom. You also feel a little nibble every now and then. We have seen fish jumping and turtles in the water. It felt like it was in the high 30’s when we arrived.

We have set up the beach umbrella with the fly/mossie net over it. So nice to sit and relax without the flies and watch the birds in the trees.

We put a lamb roast on the Webber and then went for a short paddle down the Cooper past the dig tree, awesome.

We ate our yummy tea under the fly umbrella, with all the flies on the outside looking in 🙂

We cleaned up the dishes before the swarm of mossie hit, after a short walk the mossie and the heat got to us so we retreated into the trailer with the chairs, cuppa, chocolate and the fan on. It cools down very slowly in this area. We have come to the conclusion we are still a bit early in the year, too hot so too many bugs.

Short travel day today 73kms on dirt roads.