Beagle Bay to Broome

12/7/14 - Well we had planned to pack up and head up to Cape Leveque for most of the day and then head back down towards Broome stopping at one of the free camps. But it was very overcast this morning and we even had a small shower just enough to dampen the dust down. … Continue reading Beagle Bay to Broome

Middle Lagoon

10/7/14 - Well what an eventful 15km that was. Took us 3 hrs to do the last 15km of the track to the bitumen. We led the way with our new friends Peter and Shirley in their caravan behind us. We had to stop every couple of hundred metres to clear the road from either … Continue reading Middle Lagoon


8/7/14 - Big washing day today, all 12 washing machines are in use, clothes line is at a premium. Our clothes were free of red dust but came out with a bucket load of fluff, we had to buy a brush to de-fluff our clothes. Time to catch up with the kids back home and … Continue reading Derby