Ravenswood is appox 80km from the Burdekin Falls Dam heading north towards the Flinders Hwy 88km east Of Charters Towers.

The turnoff into the town is 1km off the main road and worth taking the detour. It was like we stepped back into the 1800’s.

Ravenswood was once a thriving gold mining town. Today it is a beautifully preserved, virtual ghost town with a couple of pubs, a general store and some small businesses. During its boom era the town had over 50 pubs and a population of over 5,000. Ravenswood is worth exploring. The mullock heaps, the old shafts, the chimneys, the rusting machineray and the historic buildings make it an informative journey into a once-thriving and booming gold mining town. Some more great information can be found here https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/ravenswood-qld

I’ll let the photos say the rest.

Miners home built in 1868. Photos of the inside as it now stands.

Imperial Hotel built in 1902

Browne’s Steps, these steps are all that remain of the Brown’s Ravenswood Hotel.