Old Coach Road – Part 4

6/8/13 – There are lots of photos in this post, as they say a picture paints a thousand words, it’s the best way to show the road conditions. So many in fact that we have split this post up over 5 parts, make sure your read parts 1, 2 & 3 before reading this post.

54.4km (from the turnoff at the PDR) we came across a grass fire that was making its way towards the road, just as we had to make our way down another tricky spot. Chris walked through the fire area to make sure it was safe for us to drive through. It would be very easy to get caught in this sort of situation.

Fire Tricky-area Dip-again Fire-area

55.8km (from the turnoff at the PDR) we came to the junction where the other track joins the main track, elevation 326m. It is also the turn off to Folders Hotel. We were going to have lunch at the pub 🙂 but with the grass fire so close we moved on a bit further. We did go for a walk up the hill, not much to see now.

Junction-of-Folders-Hotel Folders-Hotel-Site

At one point we met 3, 4wd coming in the opposite direction. Also several dirt bikes, there were 12 in total spread out over a long distance, coming along one at a time.

57.1km (from the turnoff at the PDR) we headed down a rugged descent, with a big hole throwing the Ute sideways at one point. At the bottom there is a creek crossing with a pretty hairy entry that is rutted and rocky, elevation 317m.

Here-we-go-again Here-we-go-again-1 Here-we-go-again-2 Here-we-go-again-3 Here-we-go-again-4 Here-we-go-again-5

A few 100m along there is another creek crossing, followed by another with a steep loose exit, diff lockers came in handy. A bit further there is a steep rutted decent to a creek that was dry when we went through. Followed by another dry rocky creek crossing with a steep rough exit, again lockers came in handy for that too.

More ups and downs, ruts, dust etc. we were getting pretty hungry for lunch, passing some greats spots to stop. But alas it was not to be. We were on a rescue mission, one of the bikes had a flat and they were in need of an air compressor. Explains why we hadn’t passed the last few bikes. Just as we turned up the boss turned up after turning around to see what was taking them so long. He was not a happy chappy, it was not just a flat but a broken rim lock which he said was done because they were hitting things too hard. Meant he had no back brakes for the rest of the trip, have fun with that.

60.9km (from the turnoff at the PDR) after 3pm we finally got to have our lunch, elevation 368m.

Lunch-Spot-1 Lunch-Spot

64.5km (from the turnoff at the PDR) in on the left you pass one of the biggest mines in the region. Here you cross Jessop Creek, elevation 373m.  It’s a steep climb out of the creek, followed by a steep descent. As you climb up the hill you pass a dam on the left.

Largest-Mine No-Entry

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