Next Chapter

First we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you had a great Christmas with family and friends.

2018 didn’t end the best for us. Chris had been very ill for several months and early Dec went to have an exploratory procedure done that didn’t quite go according to plan. It resulted in an emergency situation and him spending 6 days in hospital. He is on the mend but it will take several months or longer before he is back to full health.

His recent illness and long term back issues led us to make the decision to sell our camper trailer. Don’t worry we are not giving up exploring this amazing country of ours we will just be doing it in a different way.

We were fortunate that the person, who bought our camper was someone who has wanted an Aussie Swag for a while and who happened to be someone who followed our travels. We are thrilled it went to someone who will appreciate it and give it a good home.

Have to say we were rather sad seeing it hooked up and towed away by someone else. The Aussie Swag took us to some amazing places, places we could not have reached in another setup. We still believe Aussie Swags Campers to be one of the best off road camper trailers you can buy. We wish Wayne and his family all the best with the camper and are sure they will have their own awesome adventures in it.

So this leads me to what we are going to be doing with ourselves. We are going back to a caravan, semi off road so we can still go on dirt tracks, something that will handle tracks like the Birdsville Track, Oodnadatta Track and such. We still want to redo the Old Tele Track up the Cape and other destinations where you can’t take a caravan so we will still do some tent based camping from time to time.

It was sad to see the camper go but we are also looking forward to moving onto the next chapter in our lives with the caravan, we will update more when we have the caravan.

Our website has also had a makeover, so drop over and have a look around.