Mossman Gorge

It was great to be on the move again and exploring new places. We stopped for the night at Rifle Creek Rest Area which is just out of Mt Molloy. Another spot we have stayed several times. Great for a one nighter.

Then it was onto to Mossman and to the Mossman Golf Club RV Area. This was the best value accommodation in the area. Close to Mossman and the Gorge. Very friendly caretakers, you need to be fully self contained as far as grey water. There are showers and toilets you can use, they do close at 6pm. Of course you can also have a round of golf.

The reason for coming up this way was to go to Mossman Gorge, something we have wanted to do for a while but we always seem to pass by. It was raining the night before and the morning of the day we did the gorge.

There are a lot of negative, mixed reviews about Mossman Gorge mainly due to the shuttle bus from the info centre to the gorge carpark. The people in the info centre would have you believe you HAVE to take the shuttle bus. This is not true, many based on the comments in WikiCamps have walked or rode a bike the 4km round trip up to the carpark. The reason it gets such negative reviews is the shuttle bus is expensive for what it is, no argument there. At the time we went it was $13.05 per adult. Without question money raising for the locals.

It really depends on your fitness, (keep in mind there is a 4km circuit walk at the gorge) and the weather. As mentioned it was raining in the morning and very humid the rest of the day. And whether you can be bothered walking down, many do.

Our attitude was we spent less on our camping site than expected, and the weather was not good. We looked at it as just being part of the cost of doing the Gorge.

Several comments also mentioned it was not worth doing the gorge due to the cost when you can go to Babinda Boulders for free. We have now done both and personally we would say Babinda Boulders is better.

Yes they are free but also the swimming hole is much bigger and safer. The walk up to the top pools and waterfall walks along the river so you get to see it, the amazing big boulders, moss on fallen trees and rocks etc along the rainforest walk.

Mossman Gorge, there is only the first section that the trail goes along the gorge, you have a lovely swimming hole that does have a strong current. With signs up permanently it seems about no swimming but people do. There is also a swinging bridge that really does swing. Once across the bridge there is a 2.5km circuit through rainforest, mostly dirt track with rocks, steps, tree roots etc. For the most part it does not follow the gorge and where it does there is very limited access for photos etc.

We came to see the “Gorge” we expected to be able to see more of it, there are lots of places we can go for a rainforest walk but the gorge is the draw card and what we all come to see. So from that point of view it was a bit disappointing. It is something we will all do once so people need to decide for themselves.