We have passed by Moree many times never calling in. We thought it was high time to give the place a bit of a look over. First stop was the information centre. There are several local tours that can be booked including a tour of a Pecan Farm and Cotton Gin. Both would have been good to do but not possible for us with Jess.

We headed to the Gwydir Caravan Park and booked into a powered site for 2 nights. They do allow dogs, but the info we were given was for a maximum of 3 nights, so check up on that if you wanted to stay longer. You are given a wrist band to wear at all times in their thermal pools. Most people just attached them to their hats. It’s just so it’s clear who are paying guest and who is not.

Our site as was many of the others, was long and skinny with sites defined by black painted lines and numbers written in the grass. Anyone in a caravan had to line their wheels pretty well next to the black line in order to have enough room to put an annex out. Us being a skinner vehicle had a tad more room, but our view was the wall of the caravan next to us. Everyone comments about it and apparently, it’s known within the nomads that frequent the park.

There are a few sites that are bigger in different areas but it’s pot luck what you get as we were told they won’t take a booking for a particular site. Some sites are gravel, some have slabs and some like ours are on grass, if you can call it that. There is a lot and we mean a lot of bindies in the grass even on sites. Some areas are quite large. We walked Jess onto a patch of grass, she stopped within a few feet front paw up in the air looking up at me. Her paw and as it turned out all her paws were full of prickles. We had to carry her off the grass then pull out all the prickles.

Amenities are old but clean enough, no bins around the park, there are signs up saying you must take your rubbish to the skit bin near the front entrance. There a lot of trees and if it wasn’t for cramping us in like sardines and the bindies we might think more highly of the park.

The artesian pools are what draw travellers back time and time again to this park. There are 5 in total all with varying temperatures. One big lap pool of 27 degrees, 2 large round pools one at 39, the other at 37. Two rectangular pools at 35 and 34 degrees. We talked to many older people who visit the park once or twice a year for several weeks at a time as they say it helps their aches and pains. The pools are certainly what drew us to this park and they are great.

We walked around the main town area of Moree following the history tour. One day it might be nice to come back and do the Pecan and Cotton tours.