Lawn Hill National Park

30/7/14 – Into the Island Stack walk early before the heat of the day. It’s a 4km return walk. Mostly pretty easy but there is 200m that is a steep climb up steps to the top, but the view is amazing and worth the climb. The rest if the walk takes you around the top of the island with some great views.


Gorge-View Island-Stack-View Island-Stack-View-1Campground At-the-topOne of the other walks we had planned to do was the Cascades walk but due to less than an average wet season the cascades weren’t flowing.


Bridge Info-boards

Back at camp for morning tea, made some lunch and then headed off for a paddle up the gorge. We saw 2 fresh water crocodiles along the gorge and was able to paddle up to within a few metres of them.


Croc Croc-2Gorge Gorge-1There was less water flowing over the falls than last time we were here but it still beautiful.

Lower-FallsWe carried the kayak up pass the falls into the top gorge. We think the top is even better. It was awesome to have a swim up the top gorge and back at the falls.