Hit the road Jack

Hit the road Jack…….

For those that have been following us for a while, you know we love to travel. Despite only having holidays with Chris working we have managed to cover a fair bit of ground and explore some amazing places, especially on the east of Australia.

But we want more, we want to have the time to explore the out of the way places, the hidden gems, the quirky and unique towns, the local spots only the locals know about. We want to be able to say we like this place lets stay longer.

To travel full time has been our dream for as long as we can remember, if you have read the “About Us” page you know it’s in our blood and we were destined to do it.

Well we are very excited and pleased to say that time has come. For nearly 2 yrs we have been quietly planning our life on the road. House needed to be finished renovated and then sold. We have sold most of our items and only what we can fit into the truck and caravan are left. Chris has and still is battling serious health issues, that still needs medical attention.

Truck you say, yep we upgraded our vehicle. The ute was a great vehicle and we were very reluctant to sell it, we looked at all options in keeping it and looked at all other options in a tow vehicle, that would keep us legal with weights.

Our truck an Isuzu NPS 4×4 with super singles fits the bill, allows us to go off road, and carry everything we need with us. It’s been setup with lithium batteries, solar, water tanks, plenty of storage etc it will allow us to do some truck based camping when we can’t take the van into areas.

Our plan is to be indefinitely on the road full time with no planned end date. Like all good planning we do have an exit strategy, knowing one day we might not be able to travel due to age or health etc. We have invested our house money into an investment property so when the day does come to settle back into a house we can afford to do so.

So thanks for coming along and welcome to our new followers.