Heading North

Thur 9th – Wycliffe Well the UFO capital of Australia was, …. wait for it, caravan park and a servo. Yep nothing else maybe they have all been beamed up.

UFO-Capital Alien

Little Green Men Peace-Bro Welcome

The plan was to stop at the Devils Marbles for the day and night, but when we got there we changed our minds. We were greeted with a camping area with caravans all lined up in a row and many had already gone. We figured by the end of the day we wouldn’t be able to move due to the number of vans, campers etc. Great area for kids to explore all the rocks and boulders, they cover a huge area.There was a dingo laying under a table in the shade and then just wandering around the camp sites, not bothered by the people at all.

Devils-Marbles Devils-Marbles-1 Devils-Marbles-2

No generators allowed, dogs on leash ok, fees $3.30 per person. Grey water has to be collected in buckets or tanks and them emptied in the loos. You are not allowed to throw the water into the bush or let it run on the ground.


We took some pics and moved on further down the road for morning tea and decide where to next.

We went through several towns including Tennant Creek, filled up with fuel and had lunch. Funny the BP servo was packed with a line for the diesel. It was $1.68 next door at the servo it was empty but 4 cents cheaper so we filled up there.

We have stopped a bit early for the night 30kms out of Elliot, do some baking.