Ghost Town, Bat Cave & Gin

9th April – We had a bit of a rough night. Chris was up checking the smoke or should I say checking he couldn’t see evidence the fire had jumped the road. It looked like the fire was a distance away but it can be deceiving.


The smoke has mostly cleared when we got up before the sun this morning. Still a bit of a haze and the sun stayed hidden behind clouds or smoke haze.

We cut across to Cracow via Isla Delusion road, was actually a very pretty short cut. Creek crossings with palms would have been a great area to pull off the road for the night.

The main St of Cracow is like a ghost town. Very old buildings, broken front buildings, falling verandas not much left of what wold have been a quaint little town. The only life seems to be the mining in the area.

Bank-of-NSW Cracow

From Cracow to Eidsvold to Mt Perry to “The Bat Cave”, Boolboonda Tunnel. It had a lot of water on the ground so we drove through. Just as well as there were heaps more bats than last time, hundreds of the tiny things, makes the skin crawl.

Boolboonda-Tunnel Boolboonda-Tunnel-1 Boolboonda-Tunnel-2

Then it was to Gin Gin for the night, we got in unusually early for us and had our pick of spots.

20130409 Gin Gin