Day 4 – 4th April

It was a quiet night with no trouble. It has only been in the last few weeks they have started having some trouble with the youth and they are getting right onto it nipping it in the bud. Forbes is an RV friendly town and it’s obvious they are proud of their town.


We did encounter a few more hoppers along the way today. The locals keep saying they are bad this year. Everyone is cleaning windscreens at servos. We might have to take the car and van through a car wash as its pretty bad with bugs but Chris said wait until we get some mud on it from the high country that will cover the green slim up.

Another act of nature we saw today were these grass seeds things like little tumble weeds all over the edge of the road. In one place they were all over the road and we had to plough through them.

We have found the camps 5 book to be not that accurate in this area. We have stopped a few kms out of Bright. We had planned to stop 40 odd kms back but we couldn’t find the site listed even using the GPS co-ordinates. The stop we are now staying at is listed in the book as a night spot but at one end there is a sign saying no camping, but we have come in the other end, as have another lot of travellers. What sign???

So far it hasn’t been that cold, tonight is cooling down a bit, there are a few trees that have changed colour.