Day 3 – Lawn Hill

31/7/14 – Pancakes for breaky then paddle up the gorge again. Good to see the gorge at different times of the day, both sides of the gorge were lit up by the morning sun. It was busier in the mornings, with all the hire canoes out. With having our own we can take our time and have plenty of time to enjoy a swim. People who had hired them were usually up and back pretty quick.
Lawn-Hill-Gorge Lawn-Hill-Gorge-1 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-2 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-3 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-4 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-5 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-6 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-7 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-8 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-9Lawn-Hill-Gorge-Falls-1 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-Falls-2The arvo was filled with lots of dips in the water to cool off and pack up a few things ready to leave the next day.


Lawn Hill would have to be one of our favorite spots, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say “we’ll be back” 🙂