Day 27 – 27th April

Well we were willing and able to do our bit but the weather let us down once more. It started raining at 4am, got heavy at 4.40am and by 6am it was still drizzling. So no sunrise and we thought the day wasn’t going to be much chop but the weather changes quickly down here and it ended up being mostly fine. Cold and windy but mostly fine.


We spent the first half of the day exploring the Loch Ard Gorge going down to the beach, wow so amazing. Golden Sandstone Cliffs on either side with only a small gap at the opening of the gorge to let the sea water in to a lovely yellow sandy beach. If it was hot it would be a lovely place for a swim but it was quite cold and of course we had thongs on as it was sandy and my feet kept getting colder and colder until they were numb and I couldn’t feel them any more.


There are 2 caves back along the beach that are fenced off which are interesting to see. We spent many hours down at the beach before heading back to the van for lunch since it was only 10mins or less away.

On the way back to the van we explored up a few dirt roads looking for the places where the photos were taken that you see on the postcards and in their advertising literature, as where they let you go are not those places.We found a few good spots we thought would make good sunset shots if the sun came out.


After lunch we went back to the Lock Ard Gorge area and explored the other half which included Thunder Cave, the Blow Hole, Elephant Rock, The Lock Ard Cemetery, Mutton-bird Island, Broken Head and Sherbrook River. There is beach access near Sherbrook River which also gets you onto some rocks where you can view more rocks and crashing waves breaking on the rocks, quite spectacular.


Again we spent several hours exploring this area; it was very very windy, our faces are a bit wind burnt.

We popped back to the van had arvo tea before trying some of those sunset shots. Again the weather beat us with cloud covering the sun for most of the time, we did get a few shots but it was so cold, the hands were like icicles, feet were nearly as bad. Chris said he expected to see an iceberg come floating by, he also said he wants to blow his nose but his snot has frozen, I know gross but it was that cold.


We made it back before the fish and chips shop closed and had some hot fish and chips for tea. We leave Port Campbell tomorrow and head to Warrnambool were hopefully we will get the Jack looked at. Lots to see along the way including trying to get some sunrise shots again, we must be nuts.